Tanya Mehta is a new media artist based in Bengaluru, India, who has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Born in Mumbai in 1988, Tanya Mehta completed her MA from Goldsmiths College (London) in Photography (The Image and Electronic Arts). She works with new mixed media, photographing everyday objects and turning them into alternate realities through collage and digital painting. Her production sees her working closely with fine art printmaking and experimenting with various modern technologies – such as code, animation, lenticular prints and animated light boxes – to add movement, depth and an all-round dynamism.



Birthing the Cosmos

That Which Encircles Us


Tanya Mehta’s work explores the gaps between our different constructions of knowledge – philosophy, art, science, the metaphysical – and finds, in those gaps, bridges. She hopes to take the audience over those bridges to move to the singular reality or truth that exists for all of us. The key is the imagination.